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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fisher Price Musical Rattle

Comes with 3 buttons with some sounds and squeaks.
Used but in excellent condition.
Battery Included
Only RM20.00
(Inclusive Postage)

Vtech Learning Phone

Bob The Builder phone Press & learn
Comes with light and sound
sometimes the some buttons not function correctly
Not effected, you kid can still to have fun with
lot of activity and rest of the musics.
Only for RM32.00
(Exclude Postage)

Tomy Musical Puzzle

Interesting musical sound
while the toddler tries to find the right picture
3 puzzles in 1 , Battery operate
(Battery not include)
Condition : Used
Only RM 38.00
(inclusive Postage)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kids Dressing Table

On Sale Now!!
comes with multiple compartment
Light and Music functioning well
Battery Operate (required 4 Battery AA)
(Battery Not Include)
Condition : Used (7/10)
only going for RM110
Now!! RM95
(Inclusive postage)


IQ Bead Toy Truck

Condition : Used
Only for RM30.00
(Inclusive Postage)

My First Kitchen Set

Condition : New / Open Box
Box bit damage (As is)
Breakfast Complete Set
Only RM50.00
NOW RM40.00
(Inclusive Postage)
*2 set Coffee Maker
*2 pcs Spoon
*2 pcs Plate
*2 pcs Cup
*1 pc Teapot
*4 pcs small item


Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Soft Toy
Lenght : 15 inch
Sale for RM15.00
(inclusive postage)

Fisher Price Stacking Ring

Developing Motor Skills
Placing rings on post strengthens eye-hand coordination.
Grasping & sorting rings develops fine motor skills.

Enhances gross motor skills as baby bats and rocks the toy.

Condition : Used
Only RM25.00
(Inclusive Postage)

Fisher Price Stacking Blocks

Classic Stacking fun goes beyond the basics with these exciting BLOCKS!
Each one has its own activities, movement and smiling character on top
just press 'em down to start the fun or stacks all three blocks
and press the top one for a whole tower of "Magical" motion!
Its fundamental play that enriches baby's development in a brilliant way.

Condition : Used (7/10)
Now let go for RM33.00
(Inclusive postage)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Jeffrey Archer Collection

1. The Eleventh Commandment
2. The Prodigal Daughters
3. Honour Among Thieves
4. Kane & Abel

Condition : Used
Selling Price RM 12.00/each
Buy all 4 only RM40.00
(Inclusive Postage)

Teknologi Dan Perkhidmatan KATERING

Ditulis oleh Aishah Hamzah
diterbitkan oleh Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka 2002
Sesuai dijadikan bahan rujukan atau koleksi
mempunyai 365 mukasurat
Harga Jual RM 15.00
(termasuk kos penghantaran)

Buku Seni Kecantikan

Seni Kecantikan oleh Rohani Marude
Terbitan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Tahun 1993
Buku ini diperakui oleh kementerian pendidikan untuk
digunapakai sebagai buku teks asas di Sekolah menengah
Vokasional Sains Rumah Tangga. Ia menekankan tentang tatarias
dan teknik solekan diri dari hujung rambut kehujung kaki.
Mengandungi 341 mukasurat

Buku Terpakai
Harga Jual : RM16.00
(Termasuk Kos Penghantaran)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gelang Mutiara

UFO Crystal (Blue) -7mm
Swarovski Light Blue Pearl- 6mm
Diikat dengan dawai suasa 14K
Now Sale for RM55.00
(Including Postage)

Love Crystal (Shadow) -10mm
Swarovski Peach Pearl- 6mm
Diikat dengan dawai suasa 14K
Now Sale for RM55.00
(Including Postage)

**Semuanya adalah hasil kerja tangan Admin

JUBAH Kanak-Kanak

** Display Size : 10
Labuh Baju : 43 inci

Jubah Sulam Kopiah
Khas untuk Kanak-kanak (6 - 13 tahun)

8 dan 9 - RM50.00
10 dan 11 - RM53.00
12 dan 13 - RM56.00
14 dan 15 - RM58.00
(all available)

Warna : (Peach, Hitam, Coklat, Merah, Hijau Muda dan Maroon)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fisher Price Musical Lights and Sound Gym

Musical Lights 'n Sounds Gym features four light patterns
that playfully "dance" along with music and help baby track movement;
eight tunes that invite newborns to respond to sounds
and help older babies recognize musical melodies;
rotating mirror for baby's point of view; spinning butterfly
and flower help develop hand/eye coordination; and sun, moon
and star encourage baby to reach and bat, activating songs and light patterns.

Made in Mexico (Product No. 71142)

Condition : Used (7/10)
Music and light functioning well
Come with Box and Instruction
Suitable from New Born to 24 mths
requires 3 "C" alkaline Batteries (Included)
Now Sale for RM70.00
(Inclusive Postage)

Fisher Price Push Walker

Beginning walkers can push it along to steady first steps.
The sturdy handle has a textured grip for pushing.
Lot of activity to play

Condition : Used (excellent) As is
Now Let go for RM65.00
(Inclusive Postage)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

PWP - Purchase With Purchase

Oscar and Red Elephant Soft Toy- RM3.00/each

Colorfull Fish Soft Toy- RM4.00(SOLD TO ALINA)
Bear Girl Toy- RM3.00

Sassy Activity Rattle - RM8.00

No.1- RM3.00 No.2-RM2.00 No.3-RM4.00

Book Under 6 Year
My Body
Quality : Cardboard

Pink Trolly 2

Condition : Used (As is)
Now sale for RM36.00
(Inclusive postage)

Winnie The Pooh Push Along Walker

Condition : Used
Now Sale for RM56.00
(including postage for Peninsular)
(Sold to Intan-TQ)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Toy Stroller Bar

Condition : Used
Now Sale For RM23.00
(inclusive postage)


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