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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vtech Groovy Tunes Radio

This toy has two modes talk mode and music mode. Turn it on to talk mode it says 123 and then plays a tune. Also in this mode if you press 1-3 a voice will say the number then followed by a tune. If the ball is spun during this mode it plays the same tune always. If you press A-C in this mode a voice will say the letter then followed by the noise of a Ant, Bear and a Car which are what the three pictures are of at the top of this toy.
Turn it on to music mode and if the ball is spun you can make your own tune. If 1-3 and A-C are pressed they each play a nursery rhyme so that totals to 6 nursery rhymes altogether.

This toy suitable for toddler 6-36 months
Requires 2AA bateries
Condition : used - Excellent
Only for RM45.00
NOW RM35.00
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